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Here's What's Included in Desirement Coaching Breakthrough Call PLUS Bonuses!

Monthly Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough Sessions.

Exclusive Access to Charlie's Vault of Previously Recorded Calls.

Personalized Feedback on One Pressing Query.

Exclusive Entry to the Desirement Private Community.

The Specially Curated Selection of Additional Deep Dive Sessions.

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⚠️ Urgent Message

From: Charles Epstein

Location: San Francisco, CA

Time: 2:15 AM, the hour of clarity when my greatest insights about desirement come to life.

Dear friend,

Ever felt like you're standing at a crossroads, clueless about which way to go?

Stuck in the mud, wheels spinning, but going nowhere?

You're not alone. We've all been there, feeling like we're settling for the backseat when we deserve the driver's seat.

I’d like to help you put your hands on the wheel and the pedal to the metal with my Desirement Coaching Breakthrough Call.

Think of it as your GPS to your biggest dreams, ambitions and aspirations. The more you tune in, the clearer your path becomes. 

You know that buddy who's living on cloud nine? Finding joy in every sunrise and living every day like it’s the weekend?

The one who, let's be honest, we're all a tiny bit jealous of?

They've cracked the code. Had their breakthrough moment.

But don’t waste time envying them - because it's within your reach too.

Especially when you discover the game-changing wisdom, strategies and insights I’ve discovered over the past 4 decades ...

Which will make your biggest problems feel like small bumps on the road.

And when that happens:

Your past failures will turn into your greatest strengths

​Old financial limitations will crumble away

​Dangerously common financial pitfalls will be easy to spot a mile away

Challenges that used to scare you now make you smile

And the dreams that seemed distant? They’ll now be at arm's length.

That’s because I've seen the transformation countless times. The Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough has helped people like you become:

HEALTHIER: By pumping your life full of passion and purpose, your stress levels will plummet as you sleep easy, excited about what’s to come tomorrow.

WEALTHIER: You’ll turn what you love into a successful career or entrepreneurial journey that energizes you every day.

​WISER: You’ll make it happen faster and easier than ever before with the same secrets my most successful clients use to do the same.

HAPPIER: When you have abundant freedom of time, money, relationships, and purpose in your life, you’ll find it hard not to wake up with a smile on your face each morning.

I truly believe that if you're seeking purpose, passion, and direction then you’ll be doing your future self a massive disservice by skipping this. 

That’s why I'm offering this life-changing breakthrough at a price so low many will call me crazy - but only just this once.

And if it comes back, it’ll be at the full price tag - meaning your decision today can set you up for an amazing tomorrow at an ROI that can’t be beat.

That’s because I want as many souls as possible to have a shot at their true desires without price being a deterrent.

So if you're nodding along thinking, "Charlie's onto something here," then I urge you to have a peek at what's on the table:

Join Charlie Epstein's Desirement Coaching Session

Get Ready for Some Real Change!

As a 40-year veteran of the financial world, I've had the honor of being a part of so many success stories, and nothing gets me going more than guiding someone to their goals.

In fact, people have often told me I’ve got the magic touch for helping folks find their path. 

That’s because I'm not just talking theory or stuff from textbooks. I’ve learned the secrets, wisdom, and know-how from the top 1% most successful people across dozens of industries. It's been my secret sauce to making dreams come true, for myself and for countless others. 

And now I’d like to help your dreams come true too.

Ready to be inspired?


Charlie Epstein

Charlie isn't just any financial advisor; he's a best-selling author, a professional actor (a unique combination!), and more. Over the past 45 years:

He's successfully built and sold two businesses.

Gained national recognition as the 401(k)

Coach, guiding over 10,000 advisors in refining their practices.

Authored four insightful books.

And, as a financial advisor, helped countless individuals and entrepreneurs craft "Paychecks for Life" to live their most desired lives.

But don’t mistake this for mere bragging. 

Behind Charlie’s success lies a tumultuous journey. If you ever felt boxed into a profession or lifestyle you never truly desired, Charlie's revelations could shift your perspective entirely.

That’s because even though he's a renowned Financial Advisor, he never wanted to be one in the first place. His childhood dream was to captivate audiences as an actor, to be the entertainer who lights up the stage with laughter.

But life and circumstances, particularly a heart-wrenching response from his father, sidetracked him. Decades went by, but the echo of his father's words - questioning his dreams - led him to a different path.

But what he realized is that it's never too late to recognize your dreams, embrace them, and make them a reality.

That’s why Charlie did just that when he created his one-man show Yield of Dreams - something everyone told him was impossible.

And as living proof of someone who practices what he preaches, he’d like to show you how to make your dream a reality too - even if you’re the only believer.

The Most Exclusive Access

To My Desirement Coaching Sessions Ever Offered

Week after week, I've captured the essence of my Desirement Coaching. Instead of a static catalogue, what I’m I'm offering is a growing collection of treasures. I will be uploading my coaching calls weekly, ensuring you get fresh insights and strategies, tailored to real-life situations.

Many of these sessions will focus on advanced topics.... not for those seeking a mere surface-level understanding. But as you learn more about Desirement, these calls are meant to help you grow and understand it better in real time.

WARNING: Some of these sessions might challenge your comfort zone.

They're honest and genuine, and that's putting it mildly. I spent a long time wondering if I should share such intimate sessions... but I truly believe that genuine growth comes from those unfiltered moments. So I hope you'll approach them with an open heart and an eager mind. We're aiming for lasting transformation, not just fleeting insights.

You see, the road to something big has its highs and lows. The laughs, the deep thoughts. It's all part of the package.

I'm not saying every call will be an easy listen. You need to be prepared for that.

But here's why it matters: to really get Desirement, you've got to feel every beat. Even the moments that nudge you out of your cozy zone are packed with gold nuggets for your life. And every one of those you gain will be an invaluable resource that makes your journey that much faster.

But above all, these sessions are meant to be your compass to your dream life. They're about hope, real steps forward, and flipping the script on how you see your dreams and goals. They've been game-changers for many folks just like you - and I’d love for you to join them.

Aladdin Only Exists In Fairy Tales!

Let me be 100% honest with you:

Even Desirement Coaching, as transformative as it is, isn't a silver bullet to make all your dreams instantly come true. 

Yes, you’ll get my most powerful coaching sessions, which are the key to personal change and success.

But you can't just hear them and expect magic. You need to show up with courage & commitment to get the most out of these sessions.

These sessions are more like puzzle pieces. They fit into your day-to-day, your big dreams, your little moments.

You don't need to be a genius to get them. But you've got to do some soul-searching. And if you've been interested enough to stay with me this far, I'm sure you get a ton out of them, especially after you've heard a few and picked the ones that speak to you the most.

But I’ll warn you to not try to do everything at once. That can make you feel like you're lost. It's better to really understand 3 or 4 ideas than to skim over 10 or 12. Start with a few after a few weeks of our coaching and get used to them. From there, let your growth journey continue. This way, you're getting the good stuff without feeling swamped.

Makes sense?

At this point, I hope you see the huge potential of the Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough. 

That’s why I want to make this the best no-brainer investment in your future you’ll ever make by giving you a whopping 95% off the normal price. 

That makes the cost today only from $200/mo down to $97/mo - but only on this page.

And if today doesn’t feel like the right day? That’s alright - but I’ve got to warn you that the price will go back to its actual value of $3997 (which tons of past clients would still say is very well worth it).

But if you’re not fully committed to deep, lasting change…not quite sure if you’re ready to break away from the everyday…or not truly excited about making drastic changes to your life…

Then I urge you not to invest today.

I say this in the most honest way possible because I'd rather you join this journey knowing that you're not just looking for a quick fix, but rather grabbing a chance to make your life better - powerfully and permanently.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to bring the courage and commitment you need to take your life to the next level - then I invite you to join this exclusive group.

On The Fence? 

Test Drive These Sessions For 60 Days, Risk-Free

Hear me out, don't make up your mind right now. Simply immerse yourself in the Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough for a solid 60 days.

If, at the end of those two months, you don't feel like you've gotten a lot out of it, if you don't see real progress in your personal transformation, if your life hasn't changed for the better, just contact my support team any time, day or night, and ask for a simple refund.

I'll ensure you receive every single penny back - promptly - be it day, night, weekends, or even on holidays.

See, I wholeheartedly believe that these sessions will make a huge difference in your life. I'm 110% certain that once you've engaged with this transformative content, you’ll only want to keep going. That's why I'm staking my claim with such confidence and making it risk-free to get started today.

Test Drive These Sessions For 60 Days At No Risk Now

But merely providing the content doesn't suffice.

Ever grabbed a guide, read it, but felt like, "Now what?" Kinda like getting a toy with no batteries, huh?

I get it. Knowing stuff is one thing, using it in real life? That's the game-changer.

That’s why while the Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough is full of real-life examples and practical wisdom, I'm eager to go the extra mile for you.

So I'm offering 2 exclusive bonuses to take your journey with the Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough a few steps further.

Take a look what I mean

Bonus #1 (Personal Assessment) - (Value $547)

Personalized Feedback on Your Pressing Questions

No two adventures are the same, and sometimes, you hit a snag. That's where I step in.

When you hop on board, shoot me any question or concern you've got.

I’ll dive in and give you personalized advice tailored just for you. It's like having a personal map that knows exactly where you want to go.

Because it's not just about moving ahead - it’s about moving ahead with the kind of confidence and clarity that helps you sleep easy at night.

YES! ADD THIS To My Order Now!
Get this exclusive access for a special one-time introductory price of $97/mo

Bonus #2 (Exclusive Access) - (Value $297)

Archive of Additional Recorded Sessions

You’ll also get access to a special vault where I keep recordings of my past sessions. 

These aren't open to everyone; they're the deep dives and behind-the-scenes looks at topics that can help you grow quickly.

Think of this as your private library - packed with golden nuggets that have been game-changers for countless clients.

YES! ADD THIS To My Order Now!
Get this exclusive access for a special one-time introductory price of $97/mo

Bonus #3 (Community Access) - (Value $997)

Exclusive Entry to the Desirement Community

What's better than a solo journey? A shared adventure with people just like you.

You’ll get access to a private community filled with people on the same path to pursuing their dreams.

You’ll share, learn and grow together at a pace way faster than if you went at it solo.

Plus, I'll occasionally drop by for surprise interactions and make sure the community is always buzzing with value.

This won’t just be a group - it’ll be your new crew with people who get you, cheer for you, and are all in for making dreams come true. Ready to join the party?

YES! ADD THIS To My Order Now!
Get this exclusive access for a special one-time introductory price of $97/mo

Yes, Charlie, I Can’t Wait To Experience My Desirement Breakthrough!

I understand I'll receive the following:

Desirement Coaching Call Breakthrough Sessions.

Exclusive Access to Charlie's Vault of Previously Recorded Calls.

Personalized Feedback on One Pressing Query.

Exclusive Entry to the Desirement Private Community.

The Specially Curated Selection of Additional Deep Dive Sessions.

All for the one-time price of $200/mo... but we are giving a

Special One Time Discount Down to $97/mo only

Listen, don't make a decision just yet. Immerse yourself in this life-changing experience for a full 60 days. If you don't see or feel positive changes in your life or in the way you think, you can always reach out to our support team, which is available 24/7. We'll make sure you get back 100% of what you invested, no questions asked, even if it's 2:30 in the morning and all is quiet.

YES! ADD THIS To My Order Now!
Get this exclusive access for a special one-time introductory price of $97/mo

I genuinely hope you give this journey a shot. Because following the Desirement Coaching Breakthrough journey isn’t just about changing a small bit of your life - It's about changing the whole thing.

And I can’t wait to make that happen for you.

To your profound transformation,


P.S. Ever wondered how some people are so good at getting what they want and making it happen? The reason is that they've already found the answers and strategies you're about to get. With this complete package, you'll have a plan for how to make your dream life a reality so you can live every day like it’s the weekend.

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